Clients frequently ask “Why should we choose Red Carpet Runway to buy our event carpet and our custom Step & Repeat backdrops?”



The truth is that there are many places you can get something printed and buy carpet. But at Red Carpet Runway – we do one thing and we do it well. Since the beginning, we have designed over 10,000 Step and Repeat Backdrops, sold enough Red Carpet to reach the Earth’s Atmosphere and back – 6 times, and have had over 100,000 people walk on our products.


There is a reason that Red Carpet Runway was featured as Cover Story of both the Wall Street Journal and the NY POST. It is why we are the preferred product used by TV Networks, Publicists, and Celebrities and it is why we are used by thousands of families – from the Real Housewives of NJ to the Kardashians to Small Businesses, Planners, Brides and everyday people throwing parties.


Red Carpet Runway has broken down the barrier of entry for people to create their Red Carpet expierence – and democratized the process. Our expertise in the personalized Red Carpet market – from coding the Red Carpet Maker software to developing the in standard sizes of Red Carpet & Step Repeat packages, to creating a Red Carpet carry bag to easily travel with, to developing a Create-Your-Own Carpet Customizer, to having a Blog with over 1000 client parties to look through before ordering – Red Carpet Runway has set the industry standard.

All business are not the same – and when it comes to your very special day – don’t be fooled by printing companies and unprofessional websites that will sell you anything just to make a sale. There is only one Red Carpet Runway.


If you’re having an Special Event or if you’re setting up studio or set, now you can create your own Red Carpet Runway by logging or calling 888-Runway-9 to get started. Red Carpet Runway is a way to create your own Custom Backdrop (Step and Repeat) and custom carpet entrance – or you can select from a line of pre-designed backrops. Its not a party with out a red carpet!


Red Carpet Runway is your place to find a variety of colors available in any size for your next event. All carpets are CUT to your required dimensions, BOUND and shipped directly to you within 24hrs. All Step and Repeat backdrops print upon final art approval, and arrive to your doorstep in time for your next party or event!