Red Carpet Runway’s Portable packages include grommets along the top and bottom of the step and repeat and two sets of removable hang supplies – one set of suction cup hooks that work great on glass and metal as well as the 3M Command removable adhesive hooks that work great on just about any smooth surface.


Step 1.

Find a smooth surface wide and tall enough to display your step and repeat custom backdrop.

Step 2.

Determine whether you will need to apply the suction cup hooks (glass / metal) or removable adhesive hook (just about any smooth surface, video below).


Step 3.

Adhere one of the hooks in the upper left corner where of your display space where the upper left corner grommet will hang.



Step 4.

Measure the width of your step and repeat to the next grommet hole and repeat Step 3. Continue until your adhere your final (upper right corner) hook.


Step 5.

Unroll and hang your custom step and repeat backdrop up on the hooks.


Roll out your red carpet (if available), grab a camera and enjoy your and your friends Red Carpet Moment!!