The Rhode Island chapter of the International Special Event Society hosted a Holiday Gala which featured a step and repeat by Red Carpet Runway! ISES spiced up the step and repeat by creating a curtained look over the backdrop that was backlit with a cool blue light. Check out the holiday gala pics below to see how ISES got creative with their step and repeat!

If you’re having an Special Event or if you’re setting up studio or set, now you can create your own Red Carpet Runway by logging or calling 888-Runway-9 to get started. Red Carpet Runway is a way to create your own Custom Backdrop (Step and Repeat) and custom carpet entrance – or you can select from a line of pre-designed backdrops. Its not a party without a red carpet!


Red Carpet Runway is your place to find a variety of colors available in any size for your next event. All carpets are CUT to your required dimensions, BOUND and shipped directly to you within 24hrs. All Step and Repeat backdrops print upon final art approval, and arrive to your doorstep in time for your next party or event!