When creating your own Red Carpet Runway Package there are two types of images that you can submit to be printed on your step and repeat backdrop. Those images will either be in Vector or Raster format.
For best digital output on your step and repeat backdrop we recommend that you submit original Vector art files. Vector files are described using shapes (such as circles or rectangles) and can be enlarged without losing quality. Raster images are made up of a grid of pixels and stored in varying formats (see formats below). If Raster files do not contain a high pixel count, they may distort when enlarged and print on your step and repeat.
Vector v. Raster
How do I know if I am submitting Vector or Raster images?
Vector images are typically created in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Red Carpet Runway accepts Vector files that have been created and output as AI, EPS or PDF.

Raster images are files that consist of pixels and output as JPEG/JPG, PNG, TIFF/TIF, BMP, GIF. Raster image files can and do still print on the step and repeat but it is best to send your image to our design team to evaluate its print quality.

We do recommend Vector art files when creating your red carpet runway step and repeat. However, in the case that you submit a Raster file, we strongly suggest you submit an image that is at least 8” tall or a minimum pixel count of 300 dpi.

More questions: email: info@redcarpetrunway.com

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