Red Carpet Runway experts have compiled 5 important tips to help you plan the perfect red carpet event!


1. Size Matters

Make sure you know how much space you are working with so you will have the appropriate size backdrop for your party.
Gold – 5 feet wide, great for 2-3 people

5' x 8' Gold Package

Platinum – 7 feet wide, great for 3-4 people

7' x 8' Platinum Package

Hollywood – 10 feet wide, great for 4-5 people & group photos

8' x 10' Hollywood Package

2. Logo Quality

For best quality output, logos should be in original Vector files (.ai, .eps, .pdf) If you are using Raster files (.psd, .jpg, tif ) – they should be 300 dpi or better for best output. Your logo can be manipulated as needed from there.

Raster v. Vector Images

3. Logo Structure

For best visual results, the logo width shouldn’t be more than double the height. Note: Disproportionately sized logos may disturb the patterned layout.

Balance v. Unblanaced Logos

4. Fonts

When choosing patterns that include both text and logos, or text only, select a font style that is bold, clean, clear and can be read from a distance.

Font Recommendations

5. Pattern Layout

Red Carpet Runway has a dozen popular pattern designs that you can select from for the placement of your logo(s). If you have a special layout request, we will work with you to accommodate your logos in that pattern.

Watermark Layout

One Logo Layout

Headline + Diagonal Full Layout

Random Layout

Headline + Logo Runoff Layout

If you’re having an Special Event or if you’re setting up studio or set, now you can create your own Red Carpet Runway by logging or calling 888-Runway-9 to get started. Red Carpet Runway is a way to create your own Custom Backdrop (Step and Repeat) and custom carpet entrance – or you can select from a line of pre-designed backdrops. It’s not a party without a red carpet!


Red Carpet Runway is your place to find a variety of colors available in any size for your next event. All carpets are CUT to your required dimensions, BOUND and shipped directly to you within 24hrs. All Step and Repeat backdrops print upon final art approval, and arrive to your doorstep in time for your next party or event!