The Professional Platinum Package
The Red Carpet Runway Professional Platinum Package includes a 7×8 Custom Step Repeat Backdrop, 3×7 Custom Carpet, and the RCR Retractable Stand; everything that you need to create a customized Red Carpet experience for your business or next event! Customize your Step Repeat backdrop with your own logo or have our design team create one for you, its fast and simple with the RCR Customizer. Choose from over 20 different carpet colors to create the perfect package for your event.
Event Details: Glamorous Black Carpet!
Dr. Jennifer Johnson celebrated her 60th Birthday with a glamorous brunch and Custom Red Carpet Runway Platinum Package. Guests were welcomed on a 3×7 Black Carpet and posed for photos in front of a 7×8 Custom Step Repeat Backdrop. The Backdrop stood tall with the RCR Retractable Stand and created an elegant entrance to the event! Check out photos from this glamorous Black Carpet Brunch below #RedCarpets

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