You have ordered and received your carpet. Now what? See tips and pics below to make your event Red Carpet Ready!

1- Carpet ships in protective plastic wrapped around a cardboard ‘Core’ (3×10 Shown Below). If you are shipping the carpet back out cut the plastic at the top to slide the carpet out and back in before shipping.

2- Save the cardboard ‘Core’ for Storage

3- Use double sided tape under the carpet ends to secure carpet to surface.
Make sure the tape does not touch binding.

4- Always roll your carpet face in

5- Travel and store your carpet with our Carpet Carry Bag (For Carpets up to 4′ WIDE up to 15′LONG). Protect your rolled carpet by covering with 60 gallon trash bag but do not tie / close it.

- Never drag or mov your carpet by pulling on the edges
- Do not roll your carpet if it is damp or wet

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