HIBster Booth at 2018 NJASBO #AtlanticCityConventionCenter! Joining us was Former NY Mets World Series Champion Howard Johnson & Yankee World Series Champions Bucky Dent and Mike Torres⚾️ at booth #516 giving out an autographed baseball plus information about how HIBster can help your school
Package: 90 x 120 Fabric Step Repeat PopOut

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HIBster [hib-ster] noun Slang. An individual who resists or rejects the practice of Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying.

Students should not have to live in fear when going to school. They should feel as safe and content as possible in order to thrive in an ideal learning environment. The growing bullying problem has made it more difficult for the lives of these victims and prevents them from obtaining the quality education they deserve. Tragically, some bullying incidents even end with more serious consequences if not intervened in time. School administration is working as diligently as ever to eliminate this problem, but the job is not a simple one.


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